Every technical information about the DBI3 and DBT3 you can find here.


US User Manual

FR Manuel d’Utilisation

PL Instrukcja Obsługi

DE Bedienungsanleitung

ES Manual del Usuario


Latest software (v2.2)

Cumsum updates (v1.2-1.8)

Flight Recoder / Log book

Our Service package including Calibration ( every 2 year), upgrade to the latest software, battery change are offered in our webshop 


Here are some of the most frequent questions about our products.

If you don't find your anwser here, check out the user manual or feel free to contact our support team.

How do I start my DBI3 for the first time?

You turn the metal rotary switch on the right side one click clockwise.

How do I start my DBI 3 normally?

Push the ON button

Why do the rotary swich have 4 modes?

First position is hard off, for i.e. travelling on aircrafts, second and third positions are OP1 and OP 2,
which means you can change all values on your instrument. Fourth position is LOCK, meaning that
nobody can change your settings, they are locked.

How do I set my instrument or add i.e. new dbt temp sensors? SET

You push button Function (Fn) and Button Setting (S) from there you scroll to the different values

How do I reach information for example the MAX values of my flight? Information

You push button Function (Fn) and Button Information (I) from there you scroll to the different pages
System, Post, Dewpoint ( you need a dew pointmeter, available in shop), MAX values from last flight (
take a photo of it if you want to save it, it dissapear)BLE which measure the signal from DBT topsensors

and dewpoint, SENSOR and last page GPS-

How do I put my instrument to QFE?

Push button Set (S) and Information (I) at the same time and you will get altitude 0

What more can I do with the Function (F) button?

Push the (Fn) for 4 seconds and you will get the wind log data

Double click the Function (Fn) button and you will get feet if you fly in meters and also UTC time.


Push Function button (F) and OFF Button and hold them in until you hear a ”ping” signal

Can I watch my flights on the computer?

Yes with the 2.0 and 2.2 software you can watch your flight in google earth with a window computer.

How often should I calibrate my instrument?

Since this is a FAA/EASA approved instrument it should be calibrated every 2 year, diffferent service
packages are available in our shop. Upgrade to new software is included in all service packages.

Can I upgrade Firm ware on my DBI 3 by myself ?

Yes, if you are familiar with computers, have windows and follow our instructions carefully it is possible.Mac is not possible. If you think it is to complicated we are happy to arrange that when you send your DBi3 for calibration or other services, see our special offer for Calibration, FW Update, battery change in our shop.

Why does my DBI 3 shows ”slow” in low speeds

The minimum speed to give a direction is 1 knot.
1 knot is 1,852 km/h.
We dont measure lower speeds because values below 1 knot are very unprecise.
We recommend to walk very slowly with your DBI3 for better understanding

This is what shows in 2km per hour: Speed and direction

This is what it shows in 1 km per hour: Speed but no direction